Podcast Air Date: October 23, 2020


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 65 - Catharine Arnston - ENERGYbits

Catharine Arnston is the Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits®. Catharine has an MBA and thirty-five years as a business professional, 20 years as a corporate executive and 15 years as an entrepreneur). Catharine founded ENERGYbits® in 2010 after helping her younger sister recover from breast cancer with an alkaline, plant-based diet (which had been recommended by her oncologist).

In the process of helping her sister, Catharine discovered algae, the most alkaline, scientifically documented and nutrient dense food in the world. Yet algae's long list of health, longevity and nutrition benefits were virtually unknown outside of Asia. Catharine launched ENERGYbits® to change this.

For fifty years, algae has been a booming, multi-billion-dollar agricultural crop in Asia. Catharine's goal is to do the same thing in the USA. Her company is now recognized as the industry innovator, selling the highest quality, sustainably and organically grown algae in the world and is making a difference in people's health every day.

"Algae is the most eco-friendly, sustainable crop in the world. It also has the highest concentration of protein and nutrients in the world!"
On why you shouldn't dismiss that stuff floating on top of your pond — it has health benefits

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Company Profile

ENERGYbits® sells algae in tiny tablets that you can swallow or chew. Each tiny tablet has the same nutrition as an entire plate of vegetables. If you aren't eating your vegetables, need to build your immune system, have more energy or a want safer, purer, easier nutrition, algae tablets are your answer. No cooking, cleaning or clean up. Just swallow and go. It doesn't get any easier, faster, more nutrient dense or scientifically proven than algae tablets. Algae is a multi-billion-dollar industry in Asia. ENERGYbits® makes it easy for you enjoy its longevity and health benefits too.

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